SimulHub is a business unit that plans, executes and analyses engineering simulations using highly professional software.




A strong sense of ownership. The same that has always distinguished our parent company, Geico. Knowing how to tackle challenging, complex projects is part of our DNA and experience.

Customer Loyalty


We are always ready to talk, to exchange ideas and pursue new solutions tailored to meet the requirements of all our customers.


Integrity and Respect


We firmly believe in ethical behaviour aimed at transparency of information and respect for all stakeholders.


Continuous Improvement


We promote innovation, which is why we put our expertise at the service of continuous technological and cultural development.

Witness - Discrete Event Simulation (DES)
Ansys - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – Ansys


Thermofluid dynamics simulations with which internal and external gas and liquid distribution, heat transfer processes, simulations with different phases and species, and transient simulations can be optimised.

All this is done with Ansys, the most complete and reliable software on the market.


Plant simulations (one-dimensional CFD) – Flownex


A one-dimensional, parameter-centred simulation of complex networks for controlling the design and layout of circuits, which allows the distribution of pressure, temperature and heat flows to be calculated.

Discrete Event Simulation (DES) – Witness


Simulations that make it possible to reproduce a physical and logical process based on both the expected and random events that characterise it. These simulations are designed to verify the production process and optimise the efficiency of the conveyor system, as well as identify bottlenecks.

For the analysis, Witness is used, a software that is constantly being updated and allows for a high degree of flexibility in all phenomena marked by temporal events.


Our sustainable approach

Our approach is aimed at sustainability and waste management at every stage of the production cycle.

Through our studies and simulations we are able to optimise the management of resources, both in terms of the environmental impact they have through their use and by avoiding the development of prototypes that will then be discarded.

Our method allows for several simulations that provide a fully functional end result.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on total dedication to the customer, understanding their needs and preventing inefficiencies and optimising production and design processes.

We don’t just solve problems, we go further: we understand the root causes and define a standard of solutions to support engineering so that they don’t happen again.

MECSPE exhibition in Bologna

9-11 June we will be exhibiting at the MECSPE exhibition in Bologna.

Visit us in Hall 21 – Booth A13 for information and to meet the SimulHub team!

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Alessandro Di Lucrezia | Senior Simulation Manager
Luca Zanellato | Simulation Expert
Matteo Caldaroni | Sales Engineer