Pardis Project: from Energy Independence Day to Sustainable Paintshop

Our most ambitious goal.
The Pardis Project, launched in 2005, led to the development of the world’s first entirely energy self-sufficient paintshop.

The initial target date of June 16, 2020, symbolically referred to as Energy Independence Day, was achieved three years ahead of schedule, in 2017.

CO2-Free Day, our goal for 2027, aims to reduce CO2 emissions, primarily by eliminating fossil fuel use in the paintshop and identifying alternative energy sources.

The Sustainable Paintshop concept, on the other hand, aims at a 360° circular approach: not only do we want to avoid producing CO2, but we also wish to consider the impact of all consumables used in the paintshop.

Since 2005, we’ve decreased the energy consumption needed to paint a car body by 70%, from 900 kWh to 270 kWh, and have succeeded in meeting the energy requirements using renewable energy sources.

All the Pardis technological solutions are designed to ensure maximum industrial efficiency with minimal energy requirements.