Smart Paintshop

The 4.0 plant revolution.
A set of technologies and top-quality systems, all at the service of our customers.

The Plant Revolution

A set of technologies and top-quality systems, all at the service of our customers.

a series of innovative tools and procedures that allow the delivery time for a paintshop to be drastically reduced, while maintaining high-quality standards.

thanks to its IOT technology system, the plant can analyze data, communicate with the operator, and learn to become increasingly efficient.

the plant is capable of adapting to continuously changing production needs, meeting the needs of individual customers using a logic of mass customization.

the collaboration between human beings and machines is maximized to constantly monitor the plant’s performance and to identify any anomalies.

4.0 technologies allow the plant to monitor energy consumption and adapt it to the production capacity.

this is the centralized digital platform (Digital Twin) that allows every process and processing phase to be monitored. It simplifies quality control, predictive maintenance, and the management of the paintshop as a whole, thereby progressively improving its performance and efficiency.

All this translates into geolocation of the bodies, safety sensors to prevent malfunctions, Internet of Things to analyze and improve the painting stages in real time, wearable technology for perfect human-machine interaction, augmented reality, and an innovative system for managing energy consumption, all managed in the cloud with J-Suite.

The revolution is comprehensive: it affects the spheres of efficiency, safety, quality, cost saving, and respect for the environment.
Thanks to its Smart Paintshop, Geico has been recognized for the best research and innovation in the world, receiving the highest award: the Innovation Award at SurCar Cannes 2017.